Get Superior Lacquer Thinner For Every Purpose

Paint thinners are usually important when painting requires efficient furnishing. In order to adjust the solubility and thickness of the paint, Lacquer Thinner is widely used. These thinners are generally oil based and are meant to dissolve the thickness of the paint, varnishes and oily greases. It can dry away with the solvent evaporation and serve better assistance to oil based paints. Mineral spirits and NC Lacquer Thinners are popular for wood colouring and refurnishing. They are not much different from each other as Lacquer Thinner can be availed in more refined form. EMICHEM is undeniably one such highly reliable supplier that delivers high quality NC thinners for coating like enamel paints, primers for metal surface and auto lacquer paint as well.

They are meant to serve high glossy effect when applied on wood refurnishing paints. Being a unique supplier of industrial solvent, the company aims for a wider market with their brands Gulf and Crescent thinners. They are supplying the thinner that works well with every other needed paint surface for top and base coat. For an efficient aftermath and finish of the paint, choose this extraordinary supply from EMICHEM and enjoy ROI. They are maintaining high standards for their product.

Quick Drying Versatile Lacquer Thinner

Thinners are commonly used industrial solvent for different paint purposes. Lacquer thinners are specifically used that includes nitrocellulose lacquer thinner that serve a high quality finish to the painted end product. Different manufacturers vary the strength and choose the rightly fitted quality that will provide exceptional finish to the paint. Strength is crucial while opting for the Lacquer Thinner as they will dissolve the lacquer adequately. Whether it is for wood refurnishing, automobile, NC sanding seals, coating for NC lacquer and enamel paints, highly reliable Lacquer Thinner from EMICHEM can serve the need.

Best products from the list of EMICHEM are Gulf thinner and Crescent thinner that work well as promised. Being the best in UAE the company serves as the eminent suppliers for high quality industrial solvents including thinners. Working as superior leader in the market, you can easily rely on the quality of premium thinners they supply that can be used for wide sectors. The raw materials used for manufacturing are of high quality and procured from professional vendors that produce superficial results. With an excellent binding support and properties for thinning the paint, the company promises for a niche finish to the product for office and household requirements.

Rust Removers Have Tremendous Utility In Industry


The biggest enemy of any machine is rust. The machines are made of iron. Iron on exposure to any kind of humidity will oxidize causing it to rust. Rusting can lead to corrosion and finally irreparable damage to the machine as well as the product. Hence, it becomes imperative for every industry to use rust removers.

What are the rust removers?

Iron as well as steel bodies do tend to rust. Everyone knows this fact. You have to ensure that you remove the rust frequently and not allow it to form and thus assume dangerous proportions.

These rust removers are available as concentrated powders or liquids. It is in fact, a blend of mild acids along with some performance additives helping the easy removal of rust from the iron and steel surfaces.

Emirates National Chemical Industries LLC has a product, Lime Scale Remover, for removing all such rust stains from the appliances in very quick time. It can clean the machine parts of the rust as well as the grease and grime one usually associates with these machines.

You can get the Rust Remover in various packing sizes of 12 X 1 Ltr, 4 X 1 USG, and 200 Ltr drums as well.